Thinx Period Underwear Review

Reusable period products are something that I am always on the lookout for. Since half of us menstruate and we will spend around $6000 in our lifetime on menstrual products, the reusable menstrual product industry is a great way to save money (not to mention reducing our waste). Recently, I decided to try out Thinx period underwear. In the past you’ve probably seen my reviews of menstrual cups and reusable menstrual pads. My personal cycle tends to be medium to light flow, and last 5-7 days. I bought two pairs of Thinx with the thought that on heavier days I might use my menstrual cup and would have the opportunity to launder them if I needed to. At first I was surprised at the thickness of the fabric. They are very sturdy feeling and the fit is comfortably snug. They don’t feel saggy or like they aren’t going to catch my flow. Since my flow is on the lighter side, I was able to wear my Thinx for most of the day without feeling fact, I didn’t feel anything at all. No wetness, no bulk, it might as well have been any other day rather than day 1 of my menstrual cycle. I was equally impressed by the way my Thinx contained that specific iron-y period smell. I opted for the hiphugger version, which is advertised to hold up to two regular tampons worth, and I would validate this measurement as being accurate. There are other version that are said to hold up to four tampons worth, making these a possible solution for heavier flows as well as potential for postpartum bleeding. The thoughtful black liner, even on the “nude” colored underwear is ingenious to help hide stains and keep your period underwear looking new. To launder my Thinx, I simply washed in the washing machine following the directions on the underwear, and then I hung them to dry. This was the one down side of the underwear, but at $34 a pop, I was not willing to gamble with perilous laundering routines or heat drying. Thinx underwear offer options for teens and also for bladder incontinence, giving us another option so we can say good bye to uncomfortable disposable pads and the risks of TSS from Tampons, all while doing a little good for the earth.

You can get your Thinx here!

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