Antenatal Doula Care For Your Best Pregnancy

Photo Credit: Vitor Pinto Via Unsplash

Pregnancy is one of the most joyous times of many women's lives. However, it can also be one of the most uncomfortable times in their lives as well! Anyone who has ever had to deal with a high risk pregnancy, hyperemesis gravidarum, or bed rest can attest: pregnancy can be rough! So, what is an expectant mother to do? Second (or more) time moms might not be able to spend all day in bed. Often times, partners can't take time off work to be at their pregnant companion's bedside. There are household tasks to take care of, and they need someone who can come take care of them as well. Appears: the Antenatal Doula! What is an Antenatal Doula? While most people may know what a Birth Doula is, and some have even heard of the Postpartum Doula, an Antenatal Doula is a doula who works with pregnant people specifically during their pregnancy. Some things that an Antenatal Doula might do include: - Helping to write a birth plan

- Setting up a nursery

- Packing the birth bag - Providing care for older children in the home

- Running errands or doing light household tasks, such as laundry

- Meal preparation

Antenatal doulas are helpful for expecting families that may not have family near by, families who are experiencing anxiety over pregnancy, and families who are going through the ups and downs of a difficult pregnancy. How would an Antenatal Doula effect your pregnancy experience?