3 Unconventional Mother's Day Gifts for 2018

Mother's Day is an important milestone for many expecting or first time moms. We love moms and a whole day to celebrate moms is basically the best thing we can think of! However, this is not the case for everyone, especially new dads who aren't really sure about what their partner expects during this new-to-them celebration. Suddenly, the partner is expected to remember another holiday and the pressure that can bring might be overwhelming to partners that are less attuned to gift giving than their new-mom counterparts. But don't be intimidated! Here are my six recommendations for some thoughtful gifts that any new mom would appreciate.

1. Phone Power Bank

You are thinking, "she must be joking." I assure you, I am not. Your partner's phone is her lifeline. Whether it is updating Instagram with baby pictures, or being trapped in the rocking chair nursing for hours on end, a phone power bank is a great way for your partner to keep her phone charged at all times. Being trapped under a sleeping baby who you can't put down, while having a dead phone, is literally the worst. Ask your partner about it sometime.

Get her favorite color, make sure it's charged up, write her a nice note about how you have noticed that sometimes her phone dies during marathon nursing sessions. Check out these portable chargers from Amazon that come in a variety of adorable colors.

2. Past Book

Preserve a new mom's social media posts with a photo album from Past Book. Past Book takes all the pictures from a period of time on your social media and turns them into a beautiful bound photo album. This is the perfect gift for the mom who doesn't have time to scrap book, but would love to be able to flip through a memory book and reminisce her pregnancy or baby's first year. Starting at around $20, this is a thoughtful gift with a small price tag. You can use the money you save to take her out to brunch. Check out the photo books here:


3. Yeti Travel Mug

The plight of the new mom is cold coffee. We tell jokes about finding yesterday's coffee in the microwave. We proclaim that we don't remember what hot coffee even tastes like any more.

Give your partner the gift of hot coffee. This Yeti mug is guaranteed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for incredibly long amounts of time. It comes in multiple colors, so pick her favorite, put in her favorite beans or K-cups and a fun flavor of International Delight. This gift is sure to please.

Most importantly, whether you think that the new mom in your life would love one of these gifts or she has her eye on something else, make sure to mark your google calendar for Sunday, May 13! Lets show all the new mamas some love this Mother's Day.

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