Your Doula is Your Best Friend (Or She Should Be)

When I first heard what a Doula was, I was so intrigued, but also a little intimidated. Who were these magical women who knew so much about pregnancy and babies? Were they going to judge me for not reading Spiritual Midwifery the second I conceived? Were they mystical goddesses that were going to judge me for sometimes not wearing my baby or for eating at Burger King while gestating? I decidedly ran the other direction. That was my first mistake. After having my oldest, the postpartum period hit me like a bus! Delivery wasn’t as magical as I expected it to be, even though everything actually went in line to my birth plan. Then, I suffered several months of postpartum anxiety disorder, while my baby also refused to sleep through the night until well into his second year of life. When my second child came around, I had much different expectations, and although things went so smoothly, I was very much alone. Across the country from my entire familial support system, I had to be up and at ‘em less than two weeks after delivery so that my household would not fall apart. This is when I knew that there had to be something to this "Doula” thing.

What being a Doula means to me:

I am approachable. You know that one friend that you can tell anything to and that is like a warm blanket that puts you at ease? It is my goal to give all my clients that same feeling. I want you to feel like you can let your hair down and relax around me. I’m a teammate that you can always count on.

I am not here to judge. When you invite me into your home, I am not there to judge anything. I don’t care if you have dirty dishes in the sink (I might even wash them for you). I am here to be a listening ear if you just need to tell someone that you aren’t sure that you are cut out for this parenting thing, or you need to vent about your mother-in-law folding the hand towels wrong. My actual job is to listen to whatever you have to say and help you process those feelings. How cool is that? I’m no therapist, but sometimes just a listening ear can do wonders. I want to affirm you and make you feel as confident as possible in whatever you are doing, because, yes, I do believe you can do it. I don’t advocate for a specific type of birth. That’s right! Although I find physiological, unmedicated births to be a thing of wonder and beauty, I don’t believe that there is any one right way to birth YOUR baby. I believe that the best birth is the one where the birthing person is comfortable and feels safe. If you want an epidural, I will do whatever I can to make sure you get one. If you decide on a Cesarean birth, I will make sure that you are as comfortable as possible after your surgery so that you can bond with your baby. I can teach you how to breastfeed, pump, or formula feed... ...and I won’t lecture you about breast being best if that is not how you choose to feed your baby.

I am an expert! I have been trained, am an experienced mother myself (so I have BEEN there!), and well read in all topics regarding pregnancy, birth, and babies. More importantly, I LOVE to share. Ask me a question! I promise I won’t judge you and you can be assured that all of my information is evidence based and researched.

I am a professional. When you hire a me, you can be assured that I act professionally. This is my job (and I love my job), and nothing makes me happier than to make my clients happy.

Did you have any preconceived notions about what a doula does? Leave me a comment below!

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