Postpartum Doulas: The Modern Day Village

We've all heard the saying in regard to child-rearing, that it takes a village of people to come together during the difficult, yet rewarding life stage that a new baby brings. In previous times, this was often the work of an extended family; A new mother would bring their new baby into the world and be surrounded by grandmas and aunties: helping, experienced hands who could help a new parent through periods of physical and emotional exhaustion. In this day and age, many new families find that they have moved too far away to receive help from their families, or to only receive the short lived help out of town relatives. This can make postpartum an extremely difficult period for many new parents. The Role of the Postpartum Doula A postpartum doula is a modern-day "village" of experienced, professional helping hands. Postpartum doulas are trained experts in a wide array of Postpartum and Infant Care topics, who will come to client's homes and serve in whatever need is presented. Often times, a significant other is called back to work several weeks into the postpartum period, leaving the partner who has just given birth to a new baby all alone, often still recovering physically, and feeling overwhelmed by the flood of hormones and emotions of the postpartum period. Here at Ozark Pine Doula Services, we offer a variety of postpartum services, including overnight infant care to help new parents maximize their sleep, and infant feeding support for both breast and bottle feeding. We care for the family unit to make the transition of a new baby as smooth as possible, whether that means helping an new mom find postpartum depression support resources, hanging up pictures in a nursery, helping with older children, doing a load of laundry, or cooking a meal. Are you a new mom wading through the postpartum period? A second (or more) time mom who wants things to go a little more smoothly than last time? Contact Ozark Pine Doula Services today to discuss our postpartum packages and ala carte options.

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